I’m a loyal man, my friends are like my family (a spur of the moment tattoo proves this) and I’m very competitive. I’m pretty sure if you asked my friends and family to explain what i’m like, these would be the most common answers.

I own about 9 cameras, not all of which work, but I keep them just incase I decide I want to fix them in the future (because why not). They range from small 35mm film cameras to full frame digital and a medium format Mamiya 6×7 (you can change the back from portrait to landscape and even add a digital back) so I’m never short of choice when I go out for a shoot.

Recently for monetary purposes i’ve been shooting digital, if I could shoot my sports action in medium format then I would, but as i’m not a rich man (yet) then i’ve got to stick with my digital at the moment and as far as digital camera’s go then a Canon 5D and 7D aren’t bad options. I’ve got a few ideas about shoots that I could use a few rolls of film on a sports shoot but organising a few peoples lives together is always complicated and is going to take time.

As for sport I love playing football, tennis and going for a run. After an ACL tear at the end of 2015 (at a trampoline park, tragic) I haven’t been able to enjoy this, but with physio well underway and going well, in a few months I should be able to start all them all up again. They should help get rid of the bit of puppy fat i’ve built up since 2015.

I’ve recently got into video production as well and have a few holiday videos to edit and practice with that will eventually go up on the website and a few ideas for self directed and produced short videos that will also take a while but are already in the pipeline.

I’m not really sure how to end but that’s a brief overview of me.